Deanne Voysey

Deanne is an intuitive, nurturing, insightful and pragmatic therapist. Sessions with Deanne can deepen your awareness and understanding of your responses and reactions to life. The integrative bodywork she practices aids the release and unravelling of tension in body and being and most importantly

helps you to understand why the tension is there in the first place.


Integrative bodywork uses a combination of discussion, hands-on energetic healing, connective tissue therapy, massage, needle therapy, and lifestyle support. Re-connecting to a sense of ease and settlement within is an essential part of the sessions so you leave feeling empowered and reassured of

the part you can play in your own healing and well-being.


Universal Medicine Therapies | Bodywork


Deanne offers support with the following: stress, anxiety & feeling overwhelmed, low & depressive moods, sleeping issues & disturbances, migraines, cluster headaches & chronic headaches, relationship issues & stressful life events, chronic fatigue & exhaustion, chronic pain & musculoskeletal conditions, auto-immune & endocrine disorders, digestive imbalances & eating disorders, trauma, PTSD, childhood issues, emotional excess’ that are contributing to poor health outcomes & hindered healing, cancer support & specific support for chemotherapy & radiation therapy.

Esoteric Therapies

Esoteric Therapies

is our bodywork and energetic healing treatments to support your body’s natural capacity to heal.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga & Meditation

We offer practical and simple yoga and meditation for corporate, community groups, events, private sessions and online programs.

Fitness & Exercise

Fitness & Exercise

Private and group classes to support building and maintaining strength, mobility and vitality are held in Sydney and online internationally.


Fitness | Exercise | Gentle movement



Red rose - Esoteric Yoga Stillness Program for Women

Esoteric Yoga Stillness Program for Women


A six-week online program to support women to re-connect and deepen their relationship with themselves

and their body. Bookings open

on the 29th July

Online exercise

Online Exercise Class

for Men & Women


Muscular strengthening, agility and balancing exercises to mobilise, tone, stretch and leave you feeling energised, vital and with a spring in your step.

Yoga workshop with participants doing yoga

Fit for Life Yoga Workshop

for Men & Women


A half-day workshop to re-boot, re-charge and re-connect back to you. Introducing the philosophy of yoga, a non-exercise based yoga practice, and its place in modern life.


Integrative bodywork with lifestyle support

"Deanne's yoga is absolutely an amazing experience. The stillness and deep relaxation that I get to experience during her classes is something I find very hard to get to on my own. I feel as though sometimes the depth of rest I can have in this class is far greater than what I can achieve in 7 -8 hours sleep at night.  Even through an online class the same quality is felt."
Leah Pash

Leah Pash, Gold Coast